Enhancing Your Handmade Business: Adding Online Courses

Enhancing Your Handmade Business: Adding Online Courses

Are you a passionate maker and the proud owner of a thriving handmade business? If so, you might have considered expanding your product offerings beyond your physical creations. One fantastic way to do this is by adding an online course to your portfolio. Not only does it provide valuable knowledge to your customers, but it also opens up a new revenue stream. In this blog post, I'll share how you, as a maker and handmade business owner, can leverage Systeme.io to seamlessly integrate an online course into your business strategy.

Why Offer an Online Course?

Before we dive into the "how," let's address the "why." Offering an online course can be a game-changer for makers. Here are some compelling reasons to consider it:

1. Passive Income: Once you've set up your online course, it can generate passive income through enrollments. This means you can earn money while you focus on creating your handmade products (AKA more revenue without more work!)

2. Diversification:  Adding a course allows you expand your income sources, reducing reliance solely on your physical products. It's a smart move to safeguard your business against today's volatile economy.

3. Expertise Showcase:  As a maker, you possess unique skills and knowledge. Sharing this expertise through a course not only helps your customers but also positions you as an authority in your niche which can lead to greater sales of your handmade product.

4. Customer Engagement: An online course can foster stronger relationships with your existing customers, keeping them engaged with your brand for longer.

Choosing the Right Course

The next step is to decide what kind of course will resonate with your existing customer base. Start by thinking about what complements your handmade products. For example:

  • If you create handcrafted jewelry, consider a course on jewelry care and maintenance.
  • If your specialty is handmade skincare products, offer a course on skincare routines and tips.
  • For artisans of handmade home decor, an interior design course could be a hit.

The key is to provide value and expertise that aligns with your brand's identity and your customers' interests.

Building Your Course with Systeme.io

Now, let's talk about the practical steps. Systeme.io is one of my favortie platforms for creating and managing online courses. Here's how to get started:

1. Sign Up: Head to Systeme.io and sign up for an account. Makers who enroll through Mentorship for Makers can even secure a lifetime account with valuable, free marketing tools included.

2. Outline Your Course: Before you start creating content, outline your course. Define its objectives, structure, and key lessons. This step ensures your course flows logically and covers all relevant topics.

3. Create Content: Begin developing your course content. This can include video lessons, written guides, quizzes, and downloadable resources. Systeme.io makes it easy to organize and upload your materials.

4. Set Up Enrollment: Using Systeme.io, you can create a landing page for your course and set up enrollment options. You can offer free or paid courses, depending on your strategy.

5. Marketing and Invitations: Leverage your existing customer base by inviting them to enroll in your course. Use email marketing, social media, and your website to promote the course. Offer special discounts to early adopters to encourage enrollment.

How makers can add a course to their handmade product business

By following these steps, you'll have a fully functional online course integrated with your handmade business, ready to generate additional income and provide valuable knowledge to your customers.

Expanding your handmade business through online courses is an exciting venture. It not only enhances your revenue potential but also strengthens your relationship with your customers.

Don't miss the opportunity to grab a free Systeme.io lifetime account through Mentorship for Makers and start building your course today. Click here to create your free account now.

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