The Perfect Customer Blueprint

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To use your blueprint:

1) Imagine the person you love to create for. Perhaps you've met them at a craft fair or farmers market, maybe they resemble a friend or client, or they may even resemble you!

2) Jot down this person's demographic information. How old are they? What is their financial situation? What is their gender identity? Etc.

3) List their interests. Do they like to cook or order takeout? Do they shop at Walmart or Bloomingdales? Do they have pets, kids, a demanding career, etc?

4) List your customer's needs. What kinds of things do they buy on a regular basis? What can't they live without?

5) List her challenges. If you could magically fix one problem for her, what would she choose? (Think of things that cost time or money, create household chores, or increase frustration)

6) Take a look at what she likes, needs, and struggles with. Now consider your skills. What can you offer her that she'll like or need, while also resolving a challenge she faces?

7) Next give them a name, and doodle a face for them. Then hang this on your wall, and remember that every product you create, email you write and post you publish should serve your perfect customer's likes, needs, and challenges.